A glorious business history 1955-1998 By Late Ahsanullah

We are highly delighted for our father’s effort & success.
Business by born since 1955.

First, thanks to Almighty Allah and pay a great tribute to my parents departed soul.

Family leading business by born generation to generation. Family values and traditions directly inspire the generation. Members of a family who are working in a business can earn benefits greatly from exploring together the history that they share. At the same root I have been motivated by my father’s business as my long time engaged with the business. This practice & opportunity highly encouraged me to start business &create ventures.

My father was a remarkable business person in our locality Sitakund, Chittagong. He had a long term business history started in 1955 with a small business Green Grocery shop. In his life time, he engaged with many kinds of business- Animal Feed raw materials, stock business for paddy & rice, restaurant (Amanat Shah Restaurant), Mohima Poultry & Fish Farming (1994-1998), agriculture Green Farming and more, successfully he engaged with this business till 1998.

Every step of his life, he started his business with sincerity and honesty. He was also a decent & generous person, besides business, engaged social work, co-operated helpless peoples, neighbor & relatives. In this prospect he had a great name & fame in our locality. Many people still know my father’s business activities & his generous thinking. Really, I’m proud of my father’s name & fame. He’s no longer with us but his creative activities still we feel. This heritage makes him descendant as a hole & our ideal father forever.

And after my study graduation degree 1997, I have been completed one year post graduate diploma in computer science and after I did established a computer training institute at Sitakund Chittagong 1998 to 2000. It was 2001 came to mega city capital Dhaka economical zone and joined with a Group of Companies. In 2007 started my own business firm “UNISUN” born in TMT family on 9thMay 2007 with a vision of safe feed and foods. I have been started my agro business journey from 2001 and devoted my full dedication and times to this business enterprise to get success and full fill the goals of life.

Unisun is a fast growing supply trading, indenting, import and international sourcing company working for Agro Products, Animal Feed Raw-materials. Established with the aim to provide quality goods and services to the international and local customers. We always intended to retrieve any innovative business and ideas from local or international partners. We are representing some of renowned world class manufacturer and suppliers from USA, Malaysia, KSA, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, India & Egypt.

TMT a family leading business hub aim to ensure safe feed and food for a healthy generation, in 2020 the company launching some national and international dairy feed brand- CoFeed, SoyaFast, Calbon,  MegaBoost-C, Turmafat   and digital online shop for digital supply chain under the named Amana Hypermarket & Merchant is our agro brand  (Facebook page).


Working for the safe feed and foods sourcing for the country. Creation of skilled and professional manpower with proper utilization and employment of trained manpower for the welfare and development of our country and national as a whole.


Service, Trade & Employment

Strive for Excellence

We plan, organize and perform with high quality in a timely manner as a measure of our success.


We empower our people by listening, supporting, encouraging and developing to create highly effective team.


We serve our customers, people and community by communicating transparently and building trust in an ethical manner.